Cape Town Expo for Young Scientists

Young minds with bright ideas

The Cape Town Expo for Young Scientists is an annual event in which learners from Grade 6 to 12 showcase their investigative projects.

This web site has been designed to tell you all about Expo and to encourage you to participate. Please use it as a tool to help you prepare a successful Expo project.

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Regional Expo 2018

The Regional Expo for 2018 will take place from Friday 17 August until Sunday 19 August. The venue will be the University of Cape Town Sports Centre.

Important documents

If your school is entering the Regional Expo this year, please ensure that learners are given copies of the following documents:

All these documents can be downloaded from the Expo Resources folder.


Congratulations to Zara Njisink-Laurie on winning second prize in the behavioural and social science category at the Taiwan International Science Fair.

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This has been a busy term for the Regional Expo organisters. Four workshops were held.

  1. Workshop for learners and teachers at Herzlia Middle School
  2. Workshop for learners and teachers at South Peninsula High School
  3. Workshop for UCT PGCSE students
  4. Workshop for Growsmart teachers

Interesting Resources

Some helpful resources for learners and teachers can be found by clicking on this link. The contents of the folder will be updated from time to time.

Ethics in Expo

For more information refer to the Ethics in Expo page.

Contact Information

For further information regarding the Cape Town Expo, please contact the Regional Science Fair Director, Mrs Olga Peel.