About Expo

Mission Statement

We develop scientists that are able to identify a problem, analyse information, find solutions and communicate findings effectively.

What is Expo?

Expo for Young Scientists is an Exposition, or science fair, where learners have a chance to show others their projects about their own scientific investigations. At Expo, learners can discuss their work with judges, teachers and learners from other schools and with other interested people. An important aspect of Expo is that other learners see the exhibitor's work. The prizes and prestige are only one consideration. By participating in Expo learners will increase their awareness of the wonders of Science, add to their knowledge and broaden their scientific horizons.

Expo has categories for Grades 6 & 7, Grades 8 & 9, and Grades 10, 11 & 12 learners. Learners can enter their own individual projects, or two learners can work together and enter a group project. No more than two learners will be able to enter at Regional or National Finals. Expo has 25 different categories and a project can be accommodated into one of them.download if using a dial-up connection!

Why would I want to participate in EXPO?

  • Expo helps to stimulate an interest in Science and Technology amongst us. In doing that, Expo helps to deliver people with an innovative, problem solving attitude and critical skills to the economy of our country.
  • By doing research, learners are equipped with specific skills: they learn how to formulate a hypothesis, gather information, observe, measure, build models (sometimes), communicate research findings, represent information graphically, and reach conclusions.
  • Learners develop a problem solving and critical thinking approach when they start thinking scientifically and doing things scientifically.
  • Learners become involved in their own learning.
  • Learners build self-confidence.
  • Learners become ambassadors for their schools.
  • There is ALWAYS the possibility that Expo entrants at the regional finals may be selected to participate in the national and international science competitions!

How do I enter EXPO?

 A project must be entered into a Regional Expo, at which projects from Grade 6 to Grade 12 will be selected for participation at Expo National Finals.
N.B. Not all gold medal winners at regional level will be selected to participate at Expo National Finals.

Interested learners and educators should contact their nearest Regional Science Fair Director.

Ensure that entry forms are filled in fully, and that the information is clearly readable and you have entered your project in the right category.  Each learner may enter only one project in one region in one year.

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