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Science Buddies
California State Science Fair
Odyssey Magazine
Sci Central
The WWW Virtual Library : Science Fairs
Science in Africa
Some interesting science activities for kids to try at home. This keeps parents on their toes!

Not sure how to get started with your project? Try visiting Discovery Education: Science Fair Central

The Primary Science Project
A useful site for GET phase Natural Sciences teachers.
Their mission is to improve the quality of teaching and learning of the sciences, the environment and related learning areas by developing a community of shared professional experience.


Inventors and inventions
About inventors and inventions through the ages. Also gives advice to would-be investors on patent applications etc.
This is a good technology website with background information on inventions from Adrenaline to the Zipper – and also some biographical detail on the inventors.

Science and mathematics encyclopaedia sites
This is the gateway to all of the wolfram.research reference sites including those on astronomy, biography, maths, music, paper sculpture, Star Trek and wine tasting!
Eric Weisstein’s World of Science is packed with good stuff – and improving daily. It is funded by Stephen Wolfram, one of the whizziest computer whizkids around.
Like his World of Science, Eric Weisstein’s MathWorld is chock full of interesting mathematics and material for teachers to use to promote interest in the subject.
(It appears that has been a legal action in the USA between the author of this site, Eric Weisstein, and a publishing company. The result of the action has been the temporary or permanent transfer – one cannot be sure yet which - of the “mathworld” site to something called “planetmaths” or “planetmath”. Search the web to ascertain this for yourself. Add the result to your “favourites”.)

Guidlines for projects
Guidelines for selecting suitable investigations
Project ideas

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